• Machine learning for every company

    Predictive analystics projects finished in days instead of months!

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  • Machine learning for every company

    Predict churn, identify upsell opportunities and predict many other customer events!

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Predict hot leads, upsell opportunities, churn and many other customer events!
ClearPredictions offers organizations huge opportunities to gain competitive advantage with their data. We deliver actionable customer behaviour predictions with powerful – yet easy to use – machine learning technology.

Out-of-the-box, scientifically proven machine learning algorithms without the need for data scientists.

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Save costs and accelerate growth with minimum implementation or run and maintain costs.

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Predicitve insights and lightning fast actionable predictions, up and running within days!

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We love to make complex things as simple as possible

Having predictive capabilities should no longer require an expensive team of data scientists and resources. Our aim is to help businesses unlock the power of machine learning and improve decision making with greater ease.

How does it work

We provide software and services that allow you to rapidly build predictive models with a minimum of data science knowledge.

customer data

Upload data

• historical data
• multiple format
• secure

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• data preparation
• target setting
• data patterns

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predictive models

Build models

• fully automated
• machine learning
• scientifically proven

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customer behaviour!


• actual data
• batch driven
• event driven

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"The ClearPredictions.com platform is providing us beautiful actionable predictions. It tells us which customer is sensitive to our up-sell campaigns, but also which customer is about to churn. My employees operate the tooling themselves. There is no need any more to hire expensive data scientists nor have long running projects to make use of big data technology."

- Denis Slieker, CEO of Qurrent Renewable Energy B.V. -

ClearPredictions.com is trusted by

"Tilburg University engages their alumni in mentor-relationships with students and in projects. Using machine learning technology, we are able to get a high response rate in our campaigns. We now focus on those alumni that have the best chance of successful engagement with our organization. We only call the ones that are willing to participate, and we use our means efficiently."

- Frederique Knoet, Managing Director Tilburg University Society -


We provide software and services so you can make use of predictive analytics. There is no statistical knowledge required, only common sense. Reach out to us for more information:

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Triodos Bank
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About the founder

Onno Pistorius, see LinkedIn profile

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